IELTS Writing task 1 (cinema)

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Last week you went to the cinema. You had some problems with one of the cinema staff.

Write a letter to the cinema manager, In your letter

  • say when you were there
  • give details of the problems you experienced
  • say what you want the manager to do

Dear Sir or Madam,

I recently visited your cinema at the Down Town Centre and I was dumbfounded for the outcome of the renovation works in the building. The ambiance is cozier than before; the colour and design definitely suits to all ages. However, I had a few unpleasant experiences that I needed to bring up to your attention and one of these involved your staff.

The structural makeover created a buzz among movie goers, In effect, it turned out that I had to take the long queue for the ticket. Taking the line were not a problem at all, but your cashier seemed needed further training in dealing with irate customer, her behavior for instance, she shouted several times because the line were not properly followed.

I had observed, the huge amount of money invested for such undertaking in enhancing the image of your cinema, Hence, an impeccable service is highly expected from your staff especially those who dealt directly with customers. Nevertheless, the unpleasant event was overshadowed by the latest state-of-the-art facilities in your refurbished movie theater. I do hope that you can improve the customer service skills among your staff to ensure customer satisfaction.

I am looking forward for another visit and hoping for an improved customer service experience.


Renz de Vino

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