Some people argue that arts such as paintings and music are a waste of money

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IELTS Essay Prompt:

Some people argue that arts, such as paintings and music, are a waste of money and the government should spend this money on other public services.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Essay Response:

Art has a huge part of human being as it played an essential role in everyone’s lives. Beautiful work of arts can bring joy and economic benefits to many people. However, some individuals believe that the money spent on these are just a waste of funds and it is better to divert the budget to other basic services. At first glance, the latter argument appears to carry some weight but I highly agree that the investment in arts has a potential to boost economic activities in every country. 

Art is tremendously broad, many people see only the visible parts which are painting and music. The imagination of human’s minds are express through artworks but most people nowadays ignore the importance of it. Painting for example, looking at paintings hanging in museums and galleries can help people stretch their time frames back to historical eras where landscapes were still on its original forms. Another example is music,  music provide a positive feelings to human’s mode and creates social cohesion to people anywhere in the world. Hence, the allocated budget for arts are not a misspending, rather it helps  people see the past landscapes that are no longer visible today.  

On the contrary, however, an argument rages over whether arts be subsidised or rechanneled any government budget to other worthy community services since art is not directly justified as public service. A clear example of this is musical show, allocating fund for theatrical shows is like using the valuable money from poor taxpayers and spent for entertainment of the upper-class patrons. Nevertheless, the money spent for stage plays is tend to trickle down in local economy . For example, during musical events, many of these patrons may spent money in local restaurants, hotel rooms and other expenses that are indirectly related to the event. From that viewpoint, domestic economy will benefit financially from the surge of show spectators.

In summary, art is seen to be beneficial to humans whether it is a painting from the Renaissance or a Broadway show. As it helps bring histories to life and preserve it for the years ahead. I think it is part of government’s mandate to look after the preservation of our history for the next generations to come and paintings can play significant role in keeping our histories alive.


When it comes to IELTS Test, vocabulary is one of the most important skills a test-taker must have. In writing section, having a good grasp of English vocabulary will help you frame and convey your ideas in words using an effective and varied vocabulary. Here are some useful words to use in your essay.

  • Divert
  • Glance
  • Boost
  • Artwork
  • Stretch
  • Era
  • Cohesion
  • Rages
  • Renaissance

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