In many countries today people are choosing to have fewer children

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IELTS Writing Task 2: Family

In many countries today people are choosing to have fewer children.

  • Why is this the case?
  • What are the effects of this trend on society?


These days, it is apparent that most families choose to have a small number of children compared decades ago. This trend is prevalent in many countries especially in developed economies including China. In this essay, I will discuss the reason behind this swing and the outcomes in society.

After World War Two, the democratic form of government was adopted by most countries in the world, In effect, people has no restriction if how many number of children they wanted to have. As a result, the world population ballooned to unprecedented growth. Based on statistical data, families usually had more than Five members in the family. However, it was noted that worldwide life expectancy on those years are lowered compared in recent years, probably because of several factors such as health and nourishment of child. Children on those years tend to be malnourished due to lack of food and proper sickness medication that resulted to early death.

In this sense, families with fewer children have seen to enjoy comfortable life and other benefits that comes with having a few members of the family. For example, some families with many children, both parents need to work to support the family. Whereas if families will maintain a small family, one parent can stay home and look after the children. When mother is at home, she can provide more stimulating and safer environment for children.  If both parents are away for long hours, they cannot give quality time to their children. As children’s grow, parents has to know the whereabouts, what they are doing and whom they are with to keep them safe and away from trouble. These could only be possible if one parent is always at home. In essence, when the children become adults they are most likely will become a good contribution to the society because the parents raised them well.

In conclusion, many people in different countries today opted to have few children because of economic uncertainty and the ever increasing cost of raising a child. This trend has a tendency to affect the global population that might caused a population crisis.

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