The media has promoted the image of young thin women as being ideal

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IELTS Essay Topic: Media & Advertising

Over the last few decades, the media has promoted the image of young thin women as being ideal.

What problems has this caused?

What solutions can you suggest to this issue?


Many people in our society shapes women image to be thin, skinny, tiny waists and ample breasts. This is how media projects a strong views of how women should look. Media depicts females to have certain body type and shapes. This essay will demonstrates on the causes of this problem and to suggest a possible solution that could change the perception of many when it comes to a perfect women figures.

Women in society has a certain specific role and that is to bear a child. In the past, media held up a thinner body image as the ideal for women. As a result, some mothers become conscious about their appearance, some of them expect that their bodies will immediately bounce back after giving birth. Yet, even if they makes exercise and observe proper diet, most of them still have a round and squishy midsection stomach that make them look like still pregnant. In effect, mothers become worried about their looks and end-up in cosmetic procedures such as laser liposuction. There are several side effects awaits women who undergone this medical procedures, one example is that patients will feel anxious or depressed in the weeks following the surgery.

Surprisingly, advertisers and people behind fashion industry introduced the plus-sized fashion to the public. They are utilising plus-sized models to promote thicker and much larger women to be confident and to appreciate their body without having pressured to take unhealthy means to shed the extra fats. This initiative will help society embrace and bring back the perception of how women should look like and they are no longer limited to one category for a certain image. The slow diversification in the fashion stage is an impressive development towards attitude shift in the way society’s view women bodies. One example is Ashley Graham, a plus-sized model that revolutionized the fashion runways in the modern era.

To sum up, models that are too thin that ignite others to turn to unhealthy means of attaining the desired body as sculpted by media. It resulted to women with extra pounds felt they are undesirable in the eyes of many. In my view, society now is beginning to realised that each individual has different body frame and soon woman have a freewill to choose how the way they look.

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