Doctors should be responsible for educating their patients on how to improve their health

Doctors should be responsible for educating their patients on how to improve their health.

Do you agree with this?

Physician is often perceived as altruistic person in the perspective of the society, medical profession is typically associated with public service such as information-sharing to patients. However, the recent technological advancement, patients can now easily browse the internet for any medical resources. In this essay, I agree that physicians should provide leadership and commitment for patient education towards health improvement.

The internet has changed the way people traditionally get information. The accessibility of getting health information in the internet is now widely practice by many instead of going to the doctor, these practices pretty scary. First, getting online medical information turned to self-medication, taking prescription medications without doctors consultation can be harmful and life-threatening. It may save time and money but there are serious underlying consequences to your health at the end. Secondly, doctor face-to-face consultation to patient is essentially important than just browsing the internet. It is vital that the patient must share all symptoms and concerns to the doctor before taking medicine to avoid inaccurate dosage. In particular, physicians are trained for such profession and they are equipped with right knowledge to educate and guide the patients.

Turning to internet for health related information, in contrary, are beneficial to the patient. Doctors spoke in jargon primarily and usually preoccupied for a variety of reasons in the clinic and getting help from other external sources could be helpful. Additionally, patient may also get information from a visiting relatives or friends who have access to the internet that could help improve patient health condition. Nevertheless, these could not offset from the information that patient received from a physician. The information from the internet or from relatives might be contradictory and patient end-up confused and do not know who to believe. Hence, doctors should be the primary source of medical information to patient for health related issues.

In conclusion, the practice of self-medication and medical advised from relatives can potentially lead to adverse complications or may result to death. Therefore, I highly agree that doctors commitment to providing education to patient is highly necessary.


When it comes to IELTS Test, vocabulary is one of the most important skills a test-taker must have. In writing section, having a good grasp of English vocabulary will help you frame and convey your ideas in words using an effective and varied vocabulary. 

  • Physician – a person skilled in the art of healing specifically : one educated, clinically experienced, and licensed to practice medicine as usually distinguished from surgery.
  • Perceive – to attain awareness or understanding of.
  • Altruistic – showing a disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others; unselfish.
  • Perspective –  a particular way of viewing things that depends on one’s experience and personality.
  • Medication – is any drug or preparation that is used to treat and cure illness.
  • Life-threatening – capable of causing death.
  • Symptom – any feeling of illness or physical or mental change that is caused by a particular disease.
  • Dosage – the amount of medicine that you should take at one time.
  • Jargon – usually means the specialized language used by people in the same work or profession.
  • Offset – by having an equal and opposite force or effect.

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