Some people like to travel alone while others think it is better to go together with someone

long exposure photography of waterfalls

Photo by Crizaldy Diverson on Pexels.com

Some people like to travel alone, while others think it is better to go together with someone. Discuss both views and include your opinion.

Travelling is always an enriching experience, it is an activity that most people love. Visiting beautiful spots truly beneficial to all of us whether exploring a new place for the first time or returning to favorite destinations. While solo travel can be fascinating, others prefers it to do with a company. This essay will evaluate the two possible option whether travelling  alone is better or go on travel with companion then reveal what is best in my opinion.

The present modern travelers mostly enjoy the trip alone than being with companions. It is noticeable in tourist places like famous parks and beaches nowadays because according to some hoteliers the new breed of travelers are interested in home-away-from-home experience and this can only be enjoyed if you become totally stranger in a certain place. Being alone allows you to follow your own interest unlike if you are travelling with someone that you will always have to make concessions in the choice of where to go. Moreover, solo travelling is a perfect time to reflect and take a deeper look at your inner world. People are able to broaden their minds and explore more of their personality while on tour.

However, travelling with someone is more compelling in other people’s views. Firstly, during the trip not everything can go fine, we are now living in a dangerous world and getting involve in accident or crime are most likely to occur. Now imagine, if during the lonely trip you encountered those misfortunes. Secondly, exploring new lands with someone is an experience in itself and having a partner on a trip will add more color to your experience. You would not be lonely if you are with somebody else while travelling,  just imagine taking selfie alone or eating meals by yourself. You need a person to share it with and this is the best moment to strengthens relationship. While travelling solo does definitely help a person develop self-confidence and ability to overcome hardship. In my opinion, there are just as many benefits of travelling with someone else especially a trip with your special someone, it could create a blissfully sweet memories to last a lifetime.

In summary, discovering new places is great due to the fact that people could see and experience wonderful scenery. The main thing to consider while travelling is the safety and security while on a trip.

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