IELTS Writing Task 2 TV Advertisements


Some people agree that advertisements are useful for TV viewers, while others disagree.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Television advertising has been a popular medium for small and medium-sized businesses even in its infancy, as it reached a broad spectrum of viewers that capture its market share. While others felt the importance of TV publicity, there are also unconvinced people in the effectiveness of this medium. In the course of this essay, we will take a look in both viewpoints and give my opinion in relation to this argument.

In this busy, expensive life, television is no doubt an easy and cheap source of information, and because of this, advertisers and businesses invest in TV advertising. There are several positive impacts advertising demonstrated to the society. Firstly, TV viewers will learn about product, services offered and on-going/up-coming community events. Because our society keeps on produces goods and services, television became the main source of information in the form of advertisement. Secondly, advertising is increasingly morphing into another form of entertainment. Corporate brand managers and marketers discovered the effectiveness of using “Heart and or Humor Themes ” that makes viewers cry or laugh out loud and make fun of it as they relayed the commercial content to family and friends. Clearly, most consumers nowadays made their purchases decision based on commercials seen on TV.

A central consumer concern, however, is the impact of advertising cost added to the product. The cost – like all other corporate business activities must be borne by someone in the buying chain. As a result, prices of goods and services tend to go up because the cost must be passed on to the consumer. The additional cost though expensive, but nonetheless favorable to the consumer. Through information-drive, it enables manufacturer to introduce the product to a wider audience, such as, people who are living in far-flung and remote areas. Television viewers will have a chance to familiarises with the new product, their diverse uses and help increase the standard of living in a developing economy.

To summarize, television advertisement is an expensive medium but it is effective tool in reaching large audience in building product awareness. In my opinion, TV advertisement is a practical medium in delivering information of a new product and services to the knowledge of the consumers. Therefore, TV viewers indirectly benefited on advertisements.

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Overall Score: 7.5
Vocabulary Score out of 2: 1.88
Sentence Score out of 3: 2.62
Structure Score out of 1: 0.75
Content Score out of 3: 2.25


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  1. What more can I say. Maybe I just want to add my observation to some advertisement to choose the words to be used and the whole presentation to consider the innocense of children that watches . Make it wholesome and be careful. Not only the kids but persons that are conservative also.
    I would like to acknowledge the effort and shared knowledge of the publisher, Mr. Renz de Vino. Please continue publishing issues that are applicable and a help for realization nowadays.
    Accept my appreciation. May I suggest that your next issue will be the disadvantage and advantages of internet apps.
    Thank you.


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