Trees are essential for the existence of the human race


IELTS Essay Topic: Environment

Trees are essential for the existence of the human race as they provide the oxygen that we need to survive. Yet, daily all around the globe, large areas of woodland are being destroyed. Many people feel that they as individuals can do nothing and that only governments and large companies can halt the destruction.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this?


Trees plays a huge role in humans lives as it helps in maintaining oxygen balance in the ecosystem that enable us to breathe. Unfortunately, rapid deforestation continues even in the most developed and protected rainforest. Some people believes that they could not rely on individual actions to control this cruelty against nature and they thinks that only  governments and big corporations have the ability to help save them. I completely disagree with this idea that individual efforts are a waste in saving our trees.

Deforestation impacted our planet in many ways, the lost of several hectares of forest every year are all attributed to human activities. Cutting-down trees for instance is one of the many reasons behind this existence. According to a study, over 15 billion of trees are cut down every year to provide the people around the world with clothing, shelter, and food, among others. With this, it shows that humans are among the major threats to our bio-diversity and the best way to stop the destruction is to educate the people to avoid patronizing products that are key contributor to rainforest deforestation. Thus, individual participation in reducing the use of process goods that are made from trees is one of the best chance to save wildlife species, minimise the impact of climate change and defend the rights of forest communities.

Undeniably, governments infrastructure expansion and industry giants agricultural involvements has, for years, been a driving force behind global cutting-down of trees. Certainly, governments and these large firms engage in agricultural production can do so much of help in controlling the widespread of deforestation. However, individual involvement for a long-term commitment in the protection and forest conservation has a high impact to end the massive cutting down of trees. If there were many people interested in planting and growing instead of cutting trees then there would be more green spaces and cooler environment. Therefore, individual contribution matter in controlling the human-driven loss of trees. 

In conclusion, the rise of industrialization contributed much to forest decline across the planet and both governments and giant corporations are the major causes of this problem. Although, these organizations can control the extensive tree felling, yet, individual participation can have an impact to reducing deforestation.


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  • ecosystem
  • deforestation
  • cruelty
  • biodiversity
  • conservation
  • human-driven
  • extensive

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