AFBL Awards 2019

Dammam, Saudi Arabia – The AFBL honors its top performers of the season on Saturday, August 10, 2019 right after the final match and before completely close the book on the AFBL 3rd Season. Handing out the trophies are the executives from AQPCI.


John Patrick Capili is the 2019 Season MVP.

The FCD Wolves star took home the trophy at the AFBL awards program Saturday.


Wolves forward Mark Paul Cesar was named Finals MVP and the recipient of the Sportmanship Award.


Max Franco of PA Plant Vipers secured the Most Improved Player trophy.

This year Mythical Three


Melchor Ebon of AQPCI Snipers

Marven Davello of Double Joint Hurricanes (Photo not available)


Arnel Sigalat of PA Plant Vipers


Best Uniform: PA Plant Vipers


Mr. AFBL 2019: Jayson Constantino


3rd Runner-up: AQPCI Snipers


2nd Runner-up: Double Joint Hurricanes


1st Runner-up: PA Plant Vipers


Champion: FCD Wolves

AFBL would like to thank the following sponsors:

  1. Mr. Thomas Brown – Manager, Fabrication Shop
  2. Don Phero – Al-Arkan Steel
  3. Muhammed Shafique – Supervisor, Custom Shop
  4. Muhammad Ibraheem – Supervisor, Transport


Thank you for following us and see you in the 4th Season.

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