Countries should produce the food that their population eat and import as little as possible


Countries should produce the food that their population eat, and import as little as possible.

To what extend do you agree or disagree? Give reasons, examples to your answer

Much of the food in every country today produced miles away from where it is consumed. This trend requires significant energy consumption for transportation and storage and resulting in environmental pollution generated from shipping of food. I strongly agree that each country should source food locally and minimise food importations.

Obviously, locally grown food does not need to travel thousand miles from where it was grown to someone’s dinner table. On this way, governments are not risking the health of its people by purchasing foods from long distance giant factory farms. Imported foods need to have unhealthy preservatives and post-harvest chemicals added on perishable crops in order to keep it fresh during transit.  Another reason is economic impact, when someone buy a locally produced foods, the farmers from that community takes homes the total amount and tend to spend for the salary on local employees.  As a result, consumer spending will increase in that community, resulting to a robust economic activities in that locality.

There are several reasons for importing foods, one of which is to give people more choices. Every country has different climate and not all sorts of fruits and vegetables grown throughout the year. Because of imported foods, people from dry places can have fresh oranges, bananas, lettuce or potatoes anytime they want. However, government must impose restrictions on importation of food which is abundant in that locality. Taking the Philippines for instance, this country is blessed with vast rice plains and rainfalls and still importing rice from neighboring countries. The government should spend on research and development on how to expand rice plantation coverage to support the growing demand of rice consumption and not to rely too much on importations.

In conclusion, when foods are produced locally it is often that the food contains no preservative and pesticide since this will only be sold in a nearby places. In addition, governments should put off or control importation of foods that can be grown or raised in their respective country to strengthens local economy.

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