Benefits and drawbacks of working from home


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Some say that it would be better if the majority of employees worked from home instead of traveling to a workplace every day.

Do you think the advantages of working from home outweigh the disadvantages?

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed people way-of-life in many ways that include forcing offices and schools to work remotely. Many agrees that work-from-home is more beneficial to a growing number of workers nowadays compared to those who are still clocking in in-person daily. In my opinion, working remotely is far more advantageous these days than travelling for work in daily basis.                                                                                                        

Work online had a big moment in mid-March for companies worldwide when Covid-19 abruptly disrupted the economic activities all over the word caused by social distancing. Employers rushed in giving access to employees tools and software to be able to work efficiently from home. Surprisingly, employers found out that working virtually has many advantages. Savings for instance, people who work from home can significantly reduced spending from transportation, parking fees and food. These expenses can be reduced or eliminated and add up to employees’ savings. Another advantage is schedule, some remote work is often can be done with flexible schedule especially for jobs involving “knowledge work”. For example, accountants or content creators can most likely do their computing or writing whenever it suits them.  Working remotely allows individual to take some break time, time that can be used to do gardening or other domestic chores.

In contrast, switching to remote working also comes with some disadvantages. Compared to the standard office setting, home office has plenty of distractions and interruptions to contend with. It is difficult to concentrate on work issues when someone is surrounded with noise from neighborhood, friends dropping by for a chat and the usual household noises such as dogs and TV. But, these issues can be eradicated by defining a space from their house that will allow workers to operate in a business-like manner. Access to technology is another factor when working from home even for “knowledge work” jobs. Only few workers from developing countries has computer at home let alone access to the internet. Fortunately, governments are much capable in resolving these issues while employees joyously exploring the dimensions of this remote work revolution.

In conclusion, companies in the past are reluctant to have employees working remotely but since the lockdowns went into effect, employers forced to consider work-from-home as an option to avoid social mixing. With this new normal, having workers work remotely offers a number of benefits than the potential drawbacks.

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