Health education is an essential aspect of community health

Health education is an essential aspect of community health.

Do you agree or disagree?

Community health education has important social impacts on the lives of those within the area. Health programs designed to educate communities in battling illnesses that put the populations in vulnerable situation need to be implemented. I agree that health education within the community is needed to boost individual’s health and to prevent occurrence of any preventable illnesses.

It is often said that, initiatives such as community health education impacts many lives within community by ensuring equal access to healthcare services for their citizens. Inputs from health educators can help educate members in maintaining their health and improving their wellbeing. Having a well-informed citizen, community will prosper because of potential reduced in healthcare spending. In addition, this program may avert the occurrence of disease or the progression of any infectious diseases. Coronavirus for instance, communities can help slow the spread of the virus by educating their citizens strategies to prevent broader transmissions and how this be best prevented. The primary education efforts should be centered to vulnerable populations like the elderly members of the community.  

On the contrary, not all effects of health education on health are positive. Education can increase expenses of preventative care which may lead to increase in health care costs. This initiative as well, seen as interfering with people’s medical decision-making. However, this program shows a positive effect and in the long run this may lead to savings. Since neglecting community health education can lead to a range of health challenges that may difficult to diagnose. Moreover, inadequate health information can lead to undertreated health conditions and might escalate to critical levels.

To sump up, a lack of efforts on community health education can increase in negative health results to its citizens. Therefore, I agree that education plays a large role not just in maintaining community health but also for the community as a whole. 

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