Some people think that more money should be spent to promote the use of bicycles in cities

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Some people think that more money should be spent to promote the use of bicycles in cities. Others, however, believe that cities should focus on investing in public transport systems.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Pedaling to work or markets obviously one of the most time-efficient and excellent mode of transportation to improve someone’s health. Many believes that allocating more budget for the use of bicycle in urban areas are essentials. However, others argue that it is wise to pour-in more investments in developing alternative public transport systems. This essay will discuss both views followed by my detailed support to the idea of promoting bicycles as an alternative mode of transportation.

Rapid urbanization is a big challenge among urban residents today. Daily transportation access is among the most pressing civil and human rights issues in many nations that need to be addressed by policy makers. Bicycle is playing a vital role in offering an economical and non-polluting alternative to answer this challenge. Firstly, riding a bike for daily transportation needs is convenient and practical way to incorporate regular exercise into individual’s daily commute rides. Secondly, travel time by bicycle is more predictable than by any other fossil fuels powered vehicles. Cycling trips offers increased mobility, pollution-free and significantly reduces traffic congestion especially in densely populated cities.

On the contrary, riding bicycle is no doubt beneficial to health and environment, however, there are some individuals weigh other mode of transportation as better alternative to bicycle. Take urban rail systems as example, reliable public transportation like railway system continuously attracting highly skilled Millennials who are not big on cars. Unlike bicycle, light rail transport is covered and simply equipped with modern amenities. Thus, businessman and the so called “young talent” prefer to take commuters rail lines than bicycle. However, the recent pandemic has affected many cities and sent transportation into a particular challenge. Many restrictions are in place including physical distancing and social mixing. Hence, patronage of public transportation such as light railway transit suffered.

In summary, while investment in social infrastructure in the past are heavily concentrated in fast railways. The recent crisis highlighted bicycle as pandemic-proof mode of transportation and experiencing growth in popularity in many cities. In my opinion, it is essential to encourage governments to spend more on transport infrastructure investments that cater to the primary needs of cyclists.

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