Some people believe that living in big cities has become more difficult

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IELTS Essay Topic: Housing

Some people believe that living in big cities has become more difficult. Others believe that it is getting easier. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


The best ideas of the country are incubated and implemented in the city. While other people think that settling down in mega cities become more challenging, others, however think that it is more comfortable to live in the large cities nowadays. In my opinion, living in the city is more advantageous than settling down in the countryside. This essay will go into both sides of the story and explain further my views in this subject.

To begin with, major cities are densely populated fueled by migrants moving to the city from nearby states. The majority of them end up settling in sprawling slumps that causes several problems in the community.  Firstly, temporary settlements inside metropolis become the hideout of law offenders. It causes numerous criminality issues such as robberies, homicides and violence associated with drugs. Secondly, air quality is extremely poor and so as inadequate potable water supply. Overcrowded inner cities make it more difficult for governments to control and improve the lives of residents. Hence, environmental problems and violence in large cities are growing especially in developing countries.

In contrast, major cities tend to be vibrant with so much activities going on that attract educated and dynamic people. Living in cities offers myriad of opportunities. Employment for instance, as a financial center it is more easier to find  a high paying jobs and more career choices. Most multinational companies have strong presence in urban areas. In addition, cities have excellent transport systems, best universities and high-end shopping complexes.  People who live in the city experience easier access to their needs such as children’s education and well equipped hospitals.

To sum up, there is no doubt that people encountered difficulties and inconveniences while living in the city but this place also offers more opportunity for all. In my view, a strong government stance on those who violated the laws will result to a peaceful solution on criminality and environmental problems that will result to a more safer and healthier metropolitan living .

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