The restoration of old buildings

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IELTS Essay Question:

The restoration of old buildings in major cities in the world spends numerous government expenditures. This money should be use in new housing and road development.

To what extent do you agree or disagree.


It is inevitable that structures will age and outgrow their original functions and restoration of these existing historical old buildings seems necessary but the budget always come into play. Some governments sacrifice the historical value to give way to modern development projects than pouring money for the restoration. I strongly disagree with the idea of slashing the budget appropriation for the restoration of old structures. This essay evaluates the historical and practical values of old buildings and look why preserving them is beneficial not only to local community but also to national economy.

The preservation of historic buildings is with no doubt extremely important, restoring old structures to return to their former glory will preserve the history and help present generation understand and respect people who lived in different eras. They will serve as landmarks and monuments that will reflect the habits and traditions in older generations. Moreover, reconstruction of historical life and understanding of its value lead to economic progress. Take tourism for instance, prewar buildings have a huge role of historical heritage in development of tourism mainly because of the unique architectural design and higher-quality materials such as wood from old-growth forests that no longer exist. Therefore it is necessary to set aside budget to carry out protection and restoration of old buildings to standstill for the next generation.

However, there are many factors to take into considerations when restoring an old building such as cost and materials. Firstly, reconstruction and repairing of old buildings involves a large amount of money that can be better be used in other important current demands. When retrofitting it is not sufficient to simply paint the walls, it requires careful physical inspections from facades, worn floor coverings, electrical wiring and down to plumbing. Secondly, some buildings are made of materials that are no longer acceptable or available in modern construction, such as block made of coral stone. These buildings may be structurally unsafe for modern use and if restored might be too perilous to visitors. Nevertheless, the hurdles to such restoration must not overshadowed to the importance of saving buildings with historic significance because there is no chance to rebuild the actual charm of historic site once it is destroyed.

To conclude, restoring a decade-old structures definitely more expensive than building a new one but the historical significance and value of old buildings is certainly important than the restoration cost. Saving heritage buildings from demolition preserves our country’s past and at the same time can be an effective way of boosting the local economy through tourism.

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