Unemployment is one of the biggest problems of contemporary society

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IELTS Writing Task 2: Work

Unemployment is one of the biggest problems of contemporary society.

What do you think are the main causes of unemployment?

What solutions can you suggest?

Out of work individuals are keep rising nowadays, causing people to feel unease and discomfort. Increasing unemployment at present become a major challenge for governments and citizens across the world. This essay will delve into the causes of unemployment at present and brought up some solutions to this pressing problem.

 The accelerating viral outbreak is seems to be the main reasons for a massive layoffs across almost all industries this year. The coronavirus pandemic has prompted several companies to send many workers home and lost their jobs permanently or temporarily. Tourism industry for instance, the tourism ecosystem has been heavily hit by the pandemic harsh travel restrictions that turned to a massive flight suspensions and border closures. The sudden fall in tourism make airlines overstaffed due to drastic cuts to their flying schedules and low demand for air travel amid Covid-19 pandemic. Many airlines suspend employment contracts to tens of thousand workers to significantly reduce its salary cost.  

With no end insight to Covid-19 crisis, displaced workers need to look for ways on how to make money or alternative solution to earn a living to navigate through this pandemic.  One effective solution is home and internet-based jobs like online marketing and teaching English online jobs, many companies now are hiring remote work-from-home teaching jobs. Teaching English online is a good option for those who have an excellent English communication skills and an interest in teaching to non-English speakers. Furthermore, third-party delivery services is another possible answer to earn income during the pandemic. With the surge in deliveries, e-commerce companies like Amazon, ebay and many others need additional warehouses and delivery workers to help deal with shipping delays. 

In summary, the coronavirus pandemic wiped out millions of jobs in 2020 and reduces people’s income and purchasing power. However, people may consider alternative work arrangement or take up in-demand jobs from other booming industries, and consequently gain income for survival.

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