Farming is the backbone of every country but nowadays many youngsters hesitate to enter in this profession

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Farming is the backbone of every country but nowadays many youngsters hesitate to enter in this profession.

Why is this the case and what can be done to avoid it?

Farming hold an important role in ensuring a reliable and dependable food supply in every country. Farmers significantly provides the need for food for a growing populations all over the world. However, in our generation today, most young people shy away from this profession. This paper seeks to identify factors leading to declining interest of the youth in farming and to look for a right approach to encourage young people to seriously consider farming as a viable source of living. 

Today, the number of youth that engage in farming industry is continuously declining in every country. Newly graduates from rural areas are flocking to big cities to find work, sidelining farming. This trend is so alarming because if there is no future generation of farmers to take on the job, there will be no food in the table for the people. One of the reasons seen why young generations have become disenchanted with agriculture work is because farming is being viewed as antiquated and considered unprofitable business venture. Another reason is that the present society stereotyping farmers as less educated and parents frame their children to get education in other field with lucrative future income. As a result, when they grow-up, it will become unappealing career choice for many youths.

In dealing this, governments and private sectors should initiate to find solution to reverse this trend and reignite young people’s interest to farming. Attracting them back to work in agriculture will requires strong collaboration between government and the community in promoting farming as a sunshine industry. Firstly, to make it attractive to young workers, the government must formulate incentive policies to lure them back to agriculture. Secondly, the community must entice young generations to take up agricultural related degrees. The declining interest of youth to do farming is so disturbing that will have to be identified the reasons the soonest to avoid unfavorable effects. 

To summarise, the reluctance of young workforce to work in the farm will have a big impact to global food supply. Both sectors should offer clear career guidance for the young individuals to sustain their interest in agriculture. Without them the situation could be very uncertain, leaving people without anything to eat in the future.


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