Many famous sports people advertise sports products

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IELTS Essay Topic: Sports

Many famous sports people advertise sports products.

Do the advantages of this trend outweigh disadvantages?


The use of athletes in advertising products through different forms of media has been a common phenomenon since the early 20th century. Some people recognizes the advantages of selecting prominent sports figures as product endorsers, in contrast, others believe that there are risks of using celebrities in general as endorsers. In this essay, I will discuss both sides of the arguments before arriving at a conclusion.

Today, the use of athlete as endorser is more popular than ever before even for not-so popular brands. The present modern global media landscape in which famous personalities are actively interacting can be quoted easily and disseminated via gossip in social media sites. Sports stars, for instance,  are able to endorse products in new media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other types of social media platforms. This means that athlete advertisement is no longer limited to tri-media advertising. Another obvious reason is that athletes help firms to tap their fan base. Consider basketball star Stephen Curry, one of today’s most sought-after and reportedly effective endorsers because of his achievement as one of the greatest shooter in the basketball history. Seeing a celebrity name on the product, consumers might easily trust the quality even before they consume them.

In contrast, there are also challenges with using sports stars in advertising. One example is Tiger Woods, when the superstar making headlines for his infidelity, firms decided to end its marketing relationship with him. In addition, poor athletic performance can also negate any positive effect on sales. Every athlete experiences a slump in performance at some point in their career and when it happens there will be sudden embarks on the losing streak. When an athlete continuously defeated, fans will start to decline and the company may suffer from the consequences as well. Marketers must know that athletes can suffer from injuries or be involve in scandals and should not rely heavily on their names as sales pitchman.

In conclusion, the benefits of famous sports personalities as endorsers are enormous, they helped companies tap into new markets using modern platforms and promote in a wider audience. There will be risks but the rewards might be very unlikely to be overshadowed on the downfalls once an athlete popularity decreases or a slow-down in his/her career.

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