The costs of medical health care are increasing all the time

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IELTS Writing Task 2

The costs of medical health care are increasing all the time. Governments are finding it difficult to balance the health care budget.

Should citizens be totally responsible for their own health costs and take out private health insurance, or is it better to have a comprehensive health care system which provides free health services for all? Discuss your viewpoint on this issue

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

The coronavirus has made people realise that medical emergencies are likely to occur anytime and can be a source of financial upheaval that is difficult to manage. The current situation raises questions about the capability of  governments in handling medical exigency during national crisis or even on the standard risks. This paper will discuss the opposing view whether to let people secure an individual health plan or improve the coverage of public health care programs to cover the entire population.

To begin with, the pandemic keep sending  many people home without a job. To become jobless means they are also losing their access to health care, if the government could not provide them. In the absence of government support, everyone can still manage to secure themselves by taking out an individual health insurance plan. One potential benefit of having a personal health plan is that during in an emergency patient can get care from the nearest hospital that are available. People can go straight to hospital without worrying about finances. Further, health plans can cover some essential health benefits such as check-ups, preventive care and vaccines. Thus, purchasing an individual medical insurance will be beneficial to someone’s health and well-being.

At some point, most people need medical care and in countries that has superior health insurance system covers these costs. With it, there citizen do not have to pay for most health care services. However, health services are paid through taxes. From the patient’s perspective this might be beneficial but the cost of quality health care makes it a huge expense for the governments. One of the major drawbacks of government health care system is treatment quality of care may decline. Patients may experience longer waiting period for treatment or even have to wait months for an appointment. Hence, implementing this kind of health care system is a difficult undertaking. 

In conclusion,  private health insurance allow individuals to take personal responsibility of their health and well being. While the government sponsored security health blanket for all make all people to shoulder additional taxes including those healthy individuals. 

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