Film stars and celebrities often share their views on public matters that have little to do with their profession

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Film stars and celebrities often share their views on public matters that have little to do with their profession.

Is this a positive or negative development?


These days, many well-known movie personalities and celebrity figures frequently shared their opinions in subjects that are beyond their lines. With the advent of social media, these high-profile people can easily post and spread their views publicly. From my standpoint, the ongoing practices among famous individuals sharing their opinion to issues unfamiliar to them is an adverse trend despite their superstar status. 

On the one hand, the public has deep obsession in following celebrities in both traditional and in social media platforms. People seems to enjoy looking at images of celebrities on their smartphones as it provide little entertainment or escapism from boredom. However, these well-known personalities should be cautious about their individual statement posted in public especially if the subject is far from their expertise. Firstly, these personalities are holding a limelight of stardom that can influence people’s attitude and behavior. Secondly, whenever there is an election, many celebrities speak publicly about their political opinions to a certain candidate even if they are not qualified enough to offer such views. 

On the other hand, famous people are highly influential figures and by sharing an opinion, the message could reach to a population whom specific topics is not popular or the people shows lack of interest. For example, health related issues such as the use of tobacco and substance abuse. Celebrities may use their social media platforms to voice out their general views in health related subject that will benefit their followers. But, sensitive topics and critical matters that are important to the society are need to be studied carefully before throwing out an opinion to the public. Because, fans sometimes are like lemmings who follows everything they heard and see. 

To conclude, movie stars and well-known figures’ viewpoints are likely to have significant effect in peoples decision making. And by speaking out views in public means it could reach to a wider audience. Therefore, I believe that their opinions to unfamiliar issues could have a negative impacts on society.


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  • adverse
  • obsession
  • escapism
  • boredom
  • cautious
  • lemming

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