Some people think saving money is good, but others think that spending money is a better way to enjoy life

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IELTS Essay Topic: Saving Money

Some people think saving money is good, but others think that spending money is a better way to enjoy life.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


The health crisis that recently challenge communities worldwide has caused grave economic repercussions in numerous countries. With many companies had shut down and millions of workers had lost jobs, the pandemic become a great reminder of the importance of having a saving. Some individuals, however regretted by not spending money on delightful experiences before the covid-19 lockdown restrictions began. In my view, the key to enjoy life is to find the perfect balance between saving for the future and rewarding your self with a fair share of happiness.

Careful spending is one important characteristics for someone to have a portion of income left that go into saving. There are several reasons why people should develop a habit of saving regularly. First, saving money can help someone build an emergency fund to fall back just in case an unforeseen expenses may arise. Putting off money regularly into savings can give someone peace of mind knowing that there is ready money to fund for any sorts of income disruptions in life. Second, savings can ensure someone to have an enjoyable and comfortable future. As people get older, there is a chance that income will decrease and expenses are likely to grow. 

Despite the wisdom of many financial advisers about the importance of saving for the rainy day, many individuals are still drawn into impulse spending. Many people work hard to make money but some of them believe that money is not everything, it is there to be spent. For example, those who enjoy every moment of their lives are not afraid to spend. They believe that money is just a tool in acquiring expensive things and luxuries in life. In addition, people spend money on what they think are valuable to them. After all, people sometimes need to spend money to obtain joy and happiness in life.

In summary, having enough savings can help us sleep better at night without worrying about unexpected expenses. But people need also to find enjoyment in life and spend on things that give them the real purpose of being alive. In my opinion, all of us must find that sense of balance between saving money and spending for life’s happiness.

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  1. Well discussed… balance of spending and saving is the key for a restful, relaxed, peaceful mind resulting to a fulfilled, happy life

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