The governments should give each citizen a basic income so that they have enough money to live on

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IELTS Essay Topic: Basic Income

The governments should give each citizen a basic income so that they have enough money to live on, whether they are employed or unemployed. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Many countries today are extending financial aid to its people regardless of employment situation to ensure everyone can sustain comfortable living. This concept is a welcome development to guarantee that no one falls living below subsistence level, but I slightly disagree with this idea. The first part of this paper highlights the positive side of the argument and provides opposite viewpoint in the second body paragraph. 

In major high-income economies, governments implemented a policy that provide regular cash grant to its citizen to improve financial stability. They believe that by providing basic income to everyone, the government is doing their job to alleviate poverty. For example, having a regular cash payment means people can afford to buy food, clothes and medicine. It can support people improve their well-being and reduce anxiety levels. Another example is income inequality, wide income disparities within societies means more people can hardly escape poverty. The minimum income provided by governments can give strong support to its citizens in facing any unfavorable vicissitudes of life.

Despite the fact that basic income provided by the governments could address social ills in the society, many still believe that there are economic costs behind this program. One of the major concern is that people will become increasingly dependent in the monthly aid. If people are guaranteed to receive monthly grants, many of them will refuse to do awful jobs. This could leads to labour shortages.  However, some advocates of basic income strongly assume that the money extended by the government is a great antidote to the widespread poverty and inequality in society. 

In conclusion, governments financial support to its citizen is a positive response against poverty. The money could create a huge difference to the life of the bottom in the society. But the governments should understand and look both pros and cons to know the negative outcome on the economy.  

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