Many supermarkets are selling more and more products that are imported from other countries

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IELTS Essay Prompt:

Many supermarkets are selling more and more products that are imported from other countries instead of selling food that is locally sourced.

What are the reasons for this?

Is this a positive or negative development?


In today’s globalized world, grocery stores can now increase the variety of foreign items on display shelves instead of promoting domestically produced goods. While others seen this as negative, I look at it as beneficial. This paper will examine the reasons behind this shift of attitudes from supermarket chains and explain my positive opinion on this issue.  

Over the years, imported items are increasingly visible in supermarkets across all countries. It became clear now that consumers perspective are shifting to buying products that are produced from distant places. One of the reasons behind this trend is that some people prefer imported products. Imported items are normally perceived to be of excellent quality than local products. Another reasons is that global consumers today are becoming wealthier and more ethnically diverse. They can afford to buy products that are only grown in certain countries. 

Fortunately, the globalization trend have allowed consumers to develop interest to taste foods from far places. This is a welcome development for farmers in developing countries to have stable markets of their grown fruits and vegetables. For example, European people can have fresh and sweet mangoes from tropical countries anytime they desire. Although, patronizing imported goods is potentially harmful for domestic economy. But importing food-products can offset instability in prices and enhance food security in each individual countries.  

In conclusion, expanding the variety of imported food products in supermarket shelves can give more option to buyers.  In my opinion, the increasing demands of foreign products means there is a scarcity of local supply. Therefore, the availability of imported food products can help the county have sufficient food supply for their people. 

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