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Move to Canada through PNPs Quebec has just announced a new process to help immigrants achieve permanent residency. It’s free to start your application, and the process is completed in three simple […]

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  Advantages and disadvantages of owning a business Becoming an entrepreneur is a common aspiration among independent individuals with a drive to succeed. However, starting up a business comes with a numbers of […]


  Reforestation Project The rapid industrialization changed the landscape of the earth. Trees have been depleted to meet the growing demand of wood worldwide, especially in the Philippines. Deforestation is inevitable; people […]


The strenuous journey to the top of Judas Cave Mountain We had a long wanted to visit Jabal Al Qarah mountain at the Al Hofuf area of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. This […]

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  Speaking Module IELTS Speaking Sample Questions with Answers: Home Town IELTS Speaking Sample Questions with Answers: Sunglasses  IELTS SPEAKING SAMPLE QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS: HEALTH GT: Writing Task 1 IELTS Writing task […]

Earn to save

After high school I decided to delay my  higher studies due to financial constraints. I  moved to Manila from the province to seek employment or any income generating activities. Way back 1995 […]