IELTS Writing Task 1: Looking for job

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Your friend is looking for a job. Write a letter to your friend about a possible job you know.

In your letter

  • Describe a job
  • Why you think this job suits to your friend
  • How he/she can apply

Dear John,

I hope you’re well today! I met Berna last night at Starbucks while waiting for a friend and she told me that you’re right now looking for a job. At first, I didn’t believe on her because you never mentioned such issues when we had dinner together the other night.

Fortunately, our company will soon to open a new hotel in London St. and I know this place is quite close in your apartment. I had spoken to our HR Manager asking for any vacancies and to my surprise the Sales and Marketing Manager position is still vacant. As a salesperson, you will likely be meeting with local, regional or national corporate customers, travel agents or other organisations from all over the country.

Working with guests as well as staff from different cultures is unique and challenging but very rewarding. Your social media skills, vibrant personality and experiences in this field makes you a perfect choice for this work. The perks of working in hospitality industry is endless including travel abroad to represent the hotel in any international travel trade expo.

If you’re interested just send your CV to my email at renz@ritzhotel.com.

See you soon,

Renz Divino

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