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The most important thing about being rich

Helping the poor and needy people in society is a true selfless and noble endeavor that can make positive changes on the lives of disadvantaged individuals. Many people think that being well-off is a great chance for others to do charitable initiatives.

Describe a book you have recently read

Reading e-books has its many advantages not just because it is obviously portable wherein you can carry wherever you go, but also e-books are cheaper compared to printed books. And you can even read in the dark with your smartphone or other electronic devices.

Shopping has become a favorite pastime among young people

Shopping is becoming increasingly popular leisure activity among youngsters. Some people feel the sense of achievement if they shop because buying is considered physical and mental exercises.

People are choosing to have fewer children today

It is apparent nowadays that most families choose to have a small number of children compared in the past. This trend is prevalent in many countries especially in developed economies including China which currently imposed a one-child policy.

An increasing number of people are now using dating sites to meet their second halves

Internet dating offers individual an access to start a relationship. Some people have awesome encounter with online dating that eventually leads to fulfilled their dreams.

Some people believe that living in big cities has become more difficult

It is in the cities where the best ideas of the country are incubated, implemented and cities stand as laboratories of innovation.

Benefits of cosmetic surgery

Plastic surgical innovations greatly molded the present landscape of cosmetic surgery. This medical advances rapidly gaining popularity among Millennials that are heavily influenced by Western cultures and social media.

The benefits and drawbacks if both parents are working 

In a money-driven society, often both parents have to work for more than eight hours per day to increase income and thus fewer family financial stresses will crop up.

Why are young people leaving their homes from rural areas to study or work in the cities

Every year more and more youth are forced to leave from sub-urban areas for work or study in the urban areas.

Some people think that they can be fit by going to gym

Some people think that they can be fit by going to gym, while others think that there are other better way to remain fit. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

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