Most countries have traditional celebrations that occur annually

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IELTS Essay topic: Culture & Tradition

Most countries have traditional celebrations that occur annually, In your opinion, what benefits do these celebrations have for society?


In today’s fast-paced world, traditional festivities are vital to bring people together and indulge activities that manifest joy and happiness. The concept of traditions is important in all cultures as it help people binds closely as family or a community. This essay will focus on the benefits of having festivities every year based in my personal point of view.

Firstly, traditions are assets to every community or country as every occasions will remind people of what is really important. Many individuals will spend time together every year to celebrate different kind of happenings which is beneficial to humans. For example during all souls day, relative and friends tend to be reunited in this moment as Christians will spend these two days visiting cemeteries to offer candles, flowers and prayers to their deceased loved ones. Moreover, this occasion for Roman Catholics means having family reunion at home as many of them prepare delicious food and drinks for visiting family members while welcoming back the spirits of their departed relatives. 

Secondly, to celebrate festivities means expressing individuals creativity and connecting back to the community. The festival in itself will tell the story of the past generations down to the present and to connect to the future. The all souls day in particular, has since started in 998AD in a monastery and slowly spread throughout the Catholic Church across the world and still being practice at present. This celebration allow Christians to remember their loved ones who have passed on and are still in the process of purification. In this occasion, millions of people observe the day of the dead as their comfort in times of grief and concurrently reminding them of the beauty of life.

In summary, celebrating traditional festivities yearly is a great chance to get family and friends in one place and enjoy. Every occasion is a chance to bring people close together and build relationships. After all, festivals are there to celebrate life, to celebrate every successes and accomplishments with others. 

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