Describe your idea of starting a new business in your area

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The IELTS Speaking exam is challenging especially if English is not part of your daily life, some says this module is the hardest one because it involves face-to-face interaction. However, I find it the easiest section of the IELTS exam which I scored highest among four modules. I listed down some common questions along with my practice answers. The key point here is to practice answering questions from the past exams to gain ideas that might come up during the exam.

Part 1: Introduction & Interview

Examiner: Do you work or are you a student?

I work, I’m currently connected with a website company as content creator for over four years now. And most probably will stay there for some more years.

Examiner: Are there good work opportunities in your home country?

As what I observed during my last visit to my country, I think there are a number of jobs available. I’ve seen a lot of job vacancies in hospitality and BPO industries. 

Examiner: What responsibilities do you have at work?

As content creator, I’m responsible for content planning, researching, creating and editing before it will be published in the internet. Doing this job is a bit of a challenge because you have to think for ways on how to catch the interest of the readers.

Examiner: What job do you think you will be doing in five years?

Aside from writing content for a website, I see my self managing my own livestock business. I feel that there is a great demand for more food in the future since the world population is keep rising. And my country has a very suitable environment for livestock production.

Part 2: Cue Card

Describe your idea of starting a new business in your area.

You should say:

  • what business it will be
  • where did the idea come from?
  • how can this idea impact people?
  • what preparation and planning it would require

This is a very timely question since I’m on a planning stage to start my entrepreneurial journey through livestock production. In a developing country where I came from, demand for livestock products is rapidly increasing largely driven by high population growth. The demand is predicted to continue for many more years to come. I’d always wanting to have my own business ever since to be able to retire from my ever demanding 9 to 5 job. And when I spotted this opportunity, I made a decision to try this opportunity. One motivating factor for this kind of business is that the animal products such as pork meat have been part of the human diet for so many years, so the demand is there.

I came up with the idea of putting up a piggery business when my country faces a huge supply deficit in pork in 2019. When the African swine fever (ASF) decease outbreak swept our country in 2019, pork meat prices shot up and it made the meat inaccessible to many Filipinos. In support to government’s call to increase inventory of swine in the country, I made a decision to start developing our idle farmland in the countryside to take advantage of the high demand and the availability of cheap labor cost in our area.

It’s common for many entrepreneurs to start a business to earn money. But my decision is not all about making money and becoming rich. Although, it is part of doing it to gain income but not solely for personal gain. When I notice last year that the price of pork meat soared, many poor households unable to afford to buy. One way to boost the supply in the market and bring the price down is to open a new pig farm. In this way, I’ll be able to produce meat for the people and at the same time to provide jobs for the local residents. 

A thorough research is highly required if an entrepreneur want to enter the swine industry as it is involve considerable amount of money. First, you have to spend for land acquisition or rent a land away from residential areas to avoid receiving complaint letter from authorities. Second, you have to build comfortable housing that is strong enough to withstand during typhoons and incessant rains. Third, this business is costly so be sure to have contingency fund set aside to cover unpredicted expenditures.  

Party 3: Two way discussion

Examiner: Why do some people decide to set up their own business?

For me, one of the reasons why people want to establish their own company is to become their own boss. When you’re working with someone else, you don’t have much freedom and your future will depend on the decision of that company.  

Examiner: What are some of the dangers involved in starting a business?

When starting up a business, there is always an element of risk no matter how careful you are in your planning and how well your strategy employ on it. But to become a successful entrepreneur one must be willing to be exposed to different types of risks which include financial loss, end-up in massive debt and do some of the dirty works in the absence of farm attendant. 

Examiner: What are some of things you have to do when running your own business that might not appeal to everyone?

I think most employees will dislike my criteria in determining salary increases and my level of tolerance when it comes to tardiness. I’m going to define work culture that employees could follow and increase their salary commensurate with employee’s contribution and performance to the company.

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