Low-price airlines lack most of the conveniences of normal air plane flights

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IELTS Writing Task 2

Low-price airlines lack most of the conveniences of normal air plane flights. However, the prices of the tickets are usually lower. Discuss the positive and negative aspects of having lower rates of air plane tickets for travellers. Provide specific reasons and examples to support your response.

Over the years, low-cost airlines have gained popularity among travelers as more and more individuals attracted into travelling because of low flight fares. Many people think that this new development positively beneficial to travel industry, but others argued due to poor reputation. This essay will discuss both the positive and the negative sides of reducing  the normal price of plane tickets.  

In the one hand, the surging demand from price-conscious travelers is seen as the main driver of the rapid growth of budget airlines worldwide. The no-frills concept of low-cost carriers experiencing tremendous success attributed mainly to its low-cost model. It become a viable alternative to legacy airlines. For example, when price of tickets are reduced, many price-sensitive travelers can afford to travel.  People will travel frequently by air if they can find lower fare airline tickets. Thus, business opportunities in major tourist spots will boom as well as the off the beaten path places. 

Although, flying low-cost airways offer many benefits, there are some downsides as well. One of this is lack of luxurious features. Amenities and comforts offered by traditional airlines have been stripped off in most low-cost carriers. For large global airlines, they offered in-flight meals, entertainment and morning newspapers but in no-frills airlines the passengers have to pay extra for the food service. Another downside is the hidden fees. Despite the fact that tickets are sold mostly at the floor price, they will try to squeeze travelers’ budget for other services such as baggage allowance, seat locations and implementing strict refund policies.

In conclusion, looking above at the positive and negative of no-frills airlines, it is certain that they are beneficial for short-haul flights. The lower fare model can lure more average travelers to fly, making air travel accessible to masses. However, passengers must anticipate unexpected fees and inconveniences which they may encounter during the trip.

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