People living in the 21st century have a better life quality than people who lived in previous times

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IELTS Writing Task 2

People living in the 21st century have a better life quality than people who lived in previous times.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Essay Response:

Over the course of time, a massive change of quality of life for so many people have been observed. The rapid infrastructure developments in urban areas and technological advancements make the modern life finer than before. I somehow agree with this statement in areas of accessibility and convenience but disagree in the aspect of human health.

The unprecedented high population growth from the past centuries was a significant factor that influenced authorities to prioritize development in cities. The investments poured into housing, transportation system and telecommunication play part to the increase of the quality of people’s lives in this modern era. For example, the high-speed railway system help them move faster in reaching their destinations. Before people will spend longer time when travelling from larger cities to rural areas. For communication, the new means of communication such as food-delivery service apps allows people to enjoy the comfort of life. When anyone get tired and unable to cook for themselves, ordering meals online can be possible by merely using mobile apps. This app can provide convenience to people from taking the long queues to place an order in the restaurant. 

In contrast to above conveniences, today’s modern way of living turn more people to have a sedentary lifestyle. By constantly taking transport system and ordering food online means less physical activity for an individual. The daily routine like walking or cooking can have a number of benefits on both physical health and quality of life. But technological innovations reduces the chance for humans to do all of these in daily basis. However, the present society has myriad of options to maintain or improve their health like going to the gym or partying with friends as substitute to inactivity. One must do regular exercise to maintain good health if they are not getting enough of physical activities.

In summary, humans pursuit of convenience affects the overall quality of their lives. When almost everything can be delivered to our doorsteps, there is a risk of acquiring preventable deceases. Therefore, I slightly agree with this statement that the contemporary society has a better quality of life than earlier times.

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