Some people think that they can be fit by going to gym

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Some people think that they can be fit by going to gym, while others think that there are other better way to remain fit.

Discuss both the views and give your opinion. Provide relevant example from your experience.

With the cost of health care continuously going up, more and more people are now encourage to do regular exercise. Some of them hit the gym to avail of the budget gyms that are popping up, others however look for far more desirable alternatives. This essay will discuss both fitness activities and revealed my opinion at the conclusion.

Without a doubt, going to the gym to do exercise has a significant contribution in improving our health not only physical but also our psychological health as well. Having a daily exercise routine in a gym have many benefits. Firstly, gym has trainers that can assist someone create routines that will help them achieve their fitness goals and overcome obstacles in their fitness journey. Gym trainers can play an essential role in ensuring customers are performing exercise correctly and efficiently to reduce the risk of injury. Secondly, one of the main advantages of exercising in a gym is the wide array of equipment available. Some posh gym centres has saunas, heated pools and steam rooms  that can motivate someone to do exercise regularly. In short, working out at the gym has numerous advantages.

In contrast, there are some who are trying to get into shape but hated to do exercise in the gym. They feel that exercising in the gym is like a chore. For this reason, they look for activities that are fun to do such as hiking and team sports. Hikes involve climbing up a mountain then going back down to the base. This exercise is a great legs workout which strengthens your body parts such as glutes and calves. Team sports, one the other hand,  can help people feel fitter, healthier and mentally strong. Playing sport can be fun and it will improve someones general health and well-being. Taking basketball for instance, when someone played basketball, they get to sweat out, release their stress from work and it provide them a lot of fun. It is believe that early engagement in sport is crucial in developing physical skills and improve individuals self-esteem.

In conclusion, gym exercises allows someone to strengthen and augment a certain part in their body while exercising outside of the gym like playing team sports offers long lasting benefits that will last even after their golden years. In my opinion, taking up sport early or even in midlife may increase the chance of being active in old age than by just doing workouts in the gym at the later years.

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