Describe a book you have recently read

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Speaking section of IELTS test is quite frightening. Some test takers are often get nervous on the test day. Feeling nervous is completely normal, you just need to practice some nerve-bustling strategies such as breathing and thinking positively. You shouldn’t allow nerves to stop you from getting your desired band score. After all, questions are mostly about you so no need to get nervous.

Part 1

Do you enjoy reading?

Yes. I enjoy reading books because through reading my imagination works and it gives me great pleasure.

What kind of book do you enjoy most?

I normally choose personal financial advice books or something related to business management. 

In your opinion what time is the best time to read?

Some of my friends say that reading in the morning is best time to read but for me I chose before bedtime. Reading before I sleep help me falling asleep and to snuggle down peacefully into my bed.  

Is it great idea to read e-books?

Reading e-books has many advantages not just because it is obviously portable wherein you can carry wherever you go, but also e-books are cheaper compared to printed books. And you can even read in the dark with your smartphone or other electronic devices. 

Part 2: Cue Card

Describe a book you have recently read.

You should say:

  • What kind of book it is
  • What it is about
  • What sort of people would enjoy it
  • and explain why you like it

A friend of mine sent me an email with attached pdf file which seems to be an e-book. At first, I thought it was a religious book since the title include a name which is famous in the bible. I intend to read that on my upcoming vacation. But on the weekend, my friend phoned me and  asked how was the lesson of the book that he forwarded to me. I replied that I haven’t read it yet but I definitely take that book on my trip to Philippines. After our conversation, my inquisitive mind wanting to open the book. After, I found out that it was an ancient personal finance book called The Richest Man in Babylon. 

The book is obviously fiction about building wealth and achieving financial freedom. It’s an all-time motivational classic that was published back in 1926 but the lessons are still true after almost century ago. The Richest Man in Babylon was written by George S. Clason. The story is about the Babylonian personal finance principles of acquiring, keeping and investing money. 

The target readers is seem to be people that are mostly interested about financial topics and who want to grow their wealth. 

I aim to improve my personal finance about two years ago. In the past, I’m a wasteful person when it comes to money. But when I suddenly unable to report for work because of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, I realized that I should seriously look into changing my spending behaviors. I been through to some of the books available online to gain financial education but the principles in this book inspired me. Babylon became the richest city even if it is very arid land and the only real advantage is the water from the river. The lesson I learned from this book on how to acquire money, keep it and make it grow changed my life and my understanding about finances. 

Part 3

Do you generally read a lot of books or do you prefer watching TV? Why?

I’m into reading books of any topics. Normally I read at night while lying on my bed until I fall asleep or even in the office if I have downtime. I prefer reading books than watching TV because through reading my imagination works and sometimes lead to daydream. But during my teenage years, I spent longer time on TV screen. 

What kind of books are considered good reads in your opinion?

Depend on someone’s age and interest. If you are in your 20’s, I suggest that before reaching 30 you should read personal finance books. These books will teach you on how to use credit cards, budget your income and learn the foundation of investing.  

What is the different between books sold in the past and the books sold nowadays?

Before, I often visited bookstores close to my office to checked for new releases of best-selling books.  I sometimes argued with the sales person for browsing many books. That’s the pre e-books days where I need to drop in a bookstore to buy a book. Physical books are the collection of printed paper that we usually put in our bags and collected in the library. While e-books is the electronic version of that books that are sold in the internet that can be stored in our smartphone, laptop, PC and other electronics devices.  

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