The most important thing about being rich

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IELTS Essay Question:

Some people say the most important thing about being rich is that it gives you the opportunity to give back or help the poor. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?


Helping the poor and needy people in society is a true selfless and noble endeavor that can make positive changes on the lives of disadvantaged individuals. Many people think that being well-off is a great chance for others to do charitable initiatives. This essay slightly disagree with this statement as I believe that every human being must step forward to help others whatever someone’s life situation. 

Being part of the human race, everyone has a moral duty to utilize what they have to help and show concern to others. By having an incredible amount of wealth is not the only way to provide assistance to destitute. Firstly, all humans experience a tough time of their lives and being poor is not an excuse not to help. There are various ways to help out others that are equally worthy such us offering time and talent. Secondly, some wealthy individuals are donating to charities in order to reduced their tax payables and not solely out of generosity. Thus, helping others is not the major reasons why many people want to accumulate vast sum of money. 

Fortunately, when it comes to monetary donations, there are some affluent people who are generous and willing to offer a fraction of their wealth. It has shown that rich people tend to have a feeling of social conscience towards the less fortunate group of the society. However, reaching out to poor people is not always the main reasons why many are seeking to capture more wealth. Many of them desired to become rich to be able to buy expensive products and experience opulent comfort. There are only few affluent that has a genuine heart to help the needy members of the society. 

In conclusion, the philanthropist selfless deeds make more sense in uplifting the lives of the poor. But not all who achieve financial independence becomes generous, rather some of them turned to be selfish. Therefore, I am a bit skeptical that having a great amount of money can turn someone to become more open-handed in helping indigent individuals.

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