Every year large numbers of people migrate from one country to another for different reasons

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IELTS Essay Question:

Every year large numbers of people migrate from one country to another for different reasons.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of migration for the individual and for society as a whole.


Despite cultural barriers and rigorous screening process, many people enticed in settling into a new countries, presumably as a defense against economic uncertainty. International migration, however, it has both positive and negative aspects. In this essay, I will discuss the arguments supporting the main advantages and disadvantages.

International migration have risen enormously in recent decades, this trend somehow bring advantages to people in many ways. Firstly, financial stability, remittance sent by international migrants to their families tend to increase the well-being of beneficiaries by having enough financial source for consumption, business ventures, and paying children’s education. Secondly, better future prospects, sometimes their aim of migration is to escape from conflicts, persecution, or even poverty. Most parents moved to give children better future, high-quality education and a safer place to live. Undoubtedly, this gives significant economic gains for migrants, their countries of origin and contributes to the host countries.

On the other hand, moving to a new country is a life-changing decision and it comes with potential downsides. Migrant’s life may seem glamorous from afar, but many of them experiences loneliness, anxiety and sadness due to missing on things back home. Additionally, many immigrants face challenges in finding jobs, let alone similar position of what they had left back home. Some of them need to paddle upstream due to employment barriers and immigration policies which blocked in their ways.  It is easy to flaunt stunning images in social media of new and exciting places, but behind those fun-filled photographs are the actual hardships that they feel in moving. Although, emigrating is an adventure, the advantages mentioned above majorly influence aspirants to consider moving and to overcome the hurdles that comes with migration.

In conclusion, moving to a new country is not exactly the same as moving to other internal cities. Picking up your life and moved abroad requires prior planning and weighing of all consequences. I think host communities must recognize the social rights of emigrants and give them equal treatment they deserved.

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  1. My appreciation to the publisher Renz de Vino for the effort in citing a timely issues nowadays. i’m one of the fruit and a positive result of parents that worked abroad. It is true that based on the pictures of the migrants that we see, it seems like they are happy and fulfilled.
    When my parents told us they will leave us to work overseas, they explained deeply that it is a sacrifice, that they don’t know what to expect to all the people out there in a place they’ve never been, what could be their life, the culture, their food. They made us understand that it wasn’t easy for them to live separately from us and in return we must study hard, maintain simple living, always pray and not to keep secrets. Sending letters, voice tapes was the only means of communication that time but we managed to nurture the relationship. We had an understanding both to us children and our parents to do our part and focus on the goals like finish education, have a little bit investments and savings. There were obstacles and conflicts mostly with relatives of my mother’s side, with different housemates, bad influences but the main purpose came reality. Regrets? yes, those special moments, sad moments that they must be around was missed, physically presence like eating together, watching TV together, school activities that requires their attendance. Moments that happens only once just passed. As they say, “you gain some, you loose some”. To all migrants, make a plan, set goals and be focused. Don’t let anything, anyone ruin your life and the life of love ones, because life is important more than anything. If life is not important, Jehovah God won’t allow His son Jesus Christ to be sacrificed and died for us, to save our lives.

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