It is generally believed that the internet is an excellent means of communication

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IELTS Essay Question:

It is generally believed that the internet is an excellent means of communication but some people suggest that it may not be the best place to find information.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


The constant technological evolution caused an enormous changed on how the way people traditionally communicate.  The internet has been referred as significant breakthrough in boosting human’s virtual communication. While this development led to many benefits, unfortunately, these days, there is a growing reliability-threat in areas of searching for information. In the course of this essay, I will discuss both viewpoints and support my opinion why I think the internet is an effective new tool of communication.

Over the last few decades, the internet had opened up many possibilities for the humanity. The Information Superhighway knows no boundaries and continuously evolving, bringing countless advantages to people. One great contribution of internet is communication, sending mails before will take so long to get them delivered, but now emails are delivered extremely fast. Another example is banking, online banking lately become practically the norm. With governments strict implementation of social distancing, many people turn to online shopping and online bills payments. Technology has helped tremendously on people’s communication needs and simplifies many aspects of everyday life.

However, for research and information gatherings many people doubted the internet reliability. It has no regulating body who monitored the content on the website. For example, the spreading of fake news over social media. The false information deliberately initiated by the creator to fool the masses to advance political causes and gained income from politicians behind. Similarly, students who are performing research in libraries face issues in diverse information from different source. Before, books appear in libraries has gone through a series of reviews prior publication. In contrast, on Internet, someone would give some thought of the reliability of the person who uploaded it.

In conclusion, internet communication enhanced the way we convey information in a very fast manner but information posted from unreliable source deserves a glaring look. In my opinion, though there are several concerns on information uploaded on the internet, yet, the benefits people get from this medium undoubtedly outweigh the negative.

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  1. Your views were absolutely correct like in communication favorably to OFWs and their families (extended family, secret family, unknown family hehehe). In doing research that you don’t have to go to libraries if you are a student, or to buy books and even for references, it’s so easy today by internet. It helps a lot for online businesses, online transaction for payments. It’s a tool also for those looking for someone special. Even for investigation can be a help. Sana nga benefits na lang, but as we can see it is being abuse by those insensitive users, posting double meaning words, catchy sentences, availability of pornography, human trafficking, humiliating pictures of girls / boys, a chance to scammers, of group / individual chatting resulting to illicit affairs or having multiple relationships. Technology makes us wiser or idiots by using it incorrectly.

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