Some people think that they should spend money they earn now enjoying life

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IELTS Essay Topic: Money

Some people think that they should spend money they earn now enjoying life, while others think that the money should be put into savings for future. 

Discuss both views and give your opinion.


The modern society today slowly molded the minds of the people to become more acquisitive. Many people say that they only live once, so, better splurge on experiences and things that matter in life. While others believe the importance of setting aside for future unexpected expenses. From my point of view, building up savings is indisputably a right decision to make. This essay explores the impact of not saving money and the possible end result of being a saver. 

To start with, spending money is one factors for satisfaction and joy in life. Going through life without experiencing joy and happiness is meaningless. Travelling with family is one great example, visiting popular places together helps families bond and provide more opportunities to strengthen family relationships. Furthermore, carving out time for friends and relatives for a face-to-face enjoyable activities such as spending the night out or eating dinner together can help lower anxiety and depression. After all, life is too short to spend every day building a fortune that people may only regret for not having done something worthwhile.

On the contrary, people need to save because life is unpredictable. It is certain that everyone will experience some emergencies throughout life and savings can protect someone from the shock. Medical emergencies for instance, these circumstances can be scary because it involves health crisis as well as unexpected medical bills. This situation can be a source of financial stresses. However, If someone have cash set aside to cover those unforeseen expenses, it will prevent them from going into debt. In addition, savings can also provide peace of mind that leads to feel less anxious about the future. 

To conclude, while most people seems all for living at present and spending more money for material things, the repercussions for taking no notice of lavish spending is real. In my opinion, if entering retirement with no saving is perfectly fine with someone, then they can live now with more fun everyday. 


  • Acquisitive
  • Splurge
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Unpredictable
  • Unforeseen
  • Lavish

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