A lot of places in the world rely on tourism as a main source of income

By: Jeson L. Curapao

IELTS Essay Topic: Tourism/Travel

A lot of places in the world rely on tourism as a main source of income. Unfortunately, tourism can also be a source of problems if it is not managed correctly. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of tourism in the modern world. Do you think that benefits of tourism outweigh its drawbacks?


Before Covid-19, tourism trade has experienced robust growth as more and more tourist destinations opened its door to visitors. The hospitality industry used to be so profitable and many countries relied heavily on tourism receipts back then. When coronavirus exploded and spread to almost all shores, many tourism-dependent countries suffered from internal and external financial shocks. This paper will cover the advantages and disadvantages of tourism including my opinion to why I think tourism-business is vital to economic recovery and stability. 

Tourism continuously delivering numerous economic fruits to any host destinations even this time of pandemic. This industry goes beyond serving beautiful spots, it provides employment to people and protect natural landscapes including those in far-flung places. While most hospitality businesses in urban areas suffered setbacks, many lesser-known and unpolished destinations take the center stage. One of these is Tinukod Peak in Mantalongon, Sagbayan Bohol, Philippines. This unexplored amphitheater-like terrain blanketed with tropical perennial grass which look-like a vast golf course is now becoming a new tourist attraction in Bohol bringing possible additional income to the community. 

No doubt, tourism can provide jobs and bring economic development to an area but it can also cause damage to the natural environment. Human activities can gradually destroy the charm of these destinations as well as the natural habitat of animals and plants species. For example, once a destination become famous for travelers, it is inevitable that daily waste is expected to increase too leaving behind bins full of all kinds of rubbish. Another negative effect of tourism is land conversion. In the past, many locals being pushed out of their farmlands as a result of a new tourism related development in the area. Thus, tourism can also contribute for a major blight to an area and the people. 

In conclusion, over the years, tourism sector contributed much to the world economy by giving people the needed jobs to earn a living. In contrast, it also delivered an irreparable damaged to environment and the people. In my opinion, if manage carefully, tourism can brings so many benefits to people than harm. And once this health crisis is over, tourism can play again an important role in bringing sustainable employment across all countries.


When it comes to IELTS Test, vocabulary is one of the most important skills a test-taker must have. In writing section, having a good grasp of English vocabulary will help you frame and convey your ideas in words using an effective and varied vocabulary. 

  • robust
  • flourish
  • explore
  • vital
  • stability
  • landscape
  • far-flung
  • perennial
  • gradual
  • charm
  • blight
  • irreparable

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  1. Tourism plays an important part in economic sources, imposed stricter rules so as not to create drawbacks

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