Donation drives for storm Odette victims in the Philippines

Photo by Danaj Segovia on www.boholchronicle.com.ph

Donation drives for storm Odette victims in the Philippines

Typhoon Odette struck into the central region of the Philippines on Thursday, December 16, 2021, bringing destructive winds and heavy rains to parts of provinces of Cebu and Bohol. At least 33 people were killed and it is expected to rise. Communication lines are still un accessible and electricity are down due to damaged electric posts. 

Boholanos again bore the brunt of another catastrophe that hard-hit the province nine days before Christmas. Many houses were completely destroyed and thousands of families become homeless after the typhoon. In 2013, a powerful 7.2 earthquake was shook the area and many  houses collapsed. The people of Bohol work harder to slowly rebuild their homes from that destructive earthquake but typhoon Odette ruthlessly ripped off again the roofs.  

Many Boholanos are in need of help following the massive devastation caused by this catastrophe. Amid the devastating effect of Typhoon Odette, the residents of the affected areas are calling on everyone for help. Please join us in extending help to these communities that are now homeless this Christmas. 

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