The global demand for oil and gas is increasing

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IELTS Essay Prompt: Oil & Gas

The global demand for oil and gas is increasing.  Some believe that we should therefore encourage the exploitation of remote areas.

Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

Essay Response:

As the world begin coping with Coronavirus disease, some people are now eager to go out and make some trips. Because of this, demand of oil and gas experiencing unprecedented growth. To keep up with the growing demand, many thinks that extracting minerals in isolated and harsh areas is necessary. This paper will evaluate if the advantages in oil and gas drilling in isolated areas outweigh the disadvantages. 

To start with, extracting mineral deposits in any areas can cause serious threat to natural ecosystem. Depths drilling activities can potentially destroy and degrade the fish and animal’s habitat as well as deform the natural environmental landscapes. To give an example of how can it affect, exploration could produce extreme noise in the surface and below the ocean. It can decrease the capability of fish and animals to transmit information among members of the group. This could lead to disturb, confusion and death of these species. Another notable disadvantages is that the operation can degrade the quality of air and water. Exploration activities discharge waste generated from drilling which is harmful to the ecological systems. 

Conversely, digging operations of oil and gas in highly inaccessible areas can lead to possible discoveries of large underground deposits. Once an exploration succeeds, the new mineral discoveries could help support the growing demand of minerals worldwide. However, this is not sufficient basis to sacrifice and destroy the important habitat in the wilderness. The exploitation in sensitive areas might enhance the economic stability in a certain country but it can also bring lasting damage to natural environment.

To recapitulate, drilling activities in remote areas tend to contributes in the destruction of natural habitat which expose wildlife and marine life to imminent risk. Although, there are some positive impact in oil and gas extraction but it does not outweigh the negative effect on animals and our environment. 

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