Ecotourism is now defined as responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment

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IELTS Essay Prompt:

Ecotourism is now defined as responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment.

What are the advantages of ecotourism?

How can we make ecotourism more popular?


Ecotourism is one growing industry that hardly affected when the COVID-19 hit, the abrupt fall in tourist arrivals has shaken all areas of tourism industry’s value-chain. The pandemic crisis unveil the important role of ecotourism in providing sustainable livelihoods to people and funding for biodiversity conservation. This paper will examine the advantages of ecotourism and identify steps in making the industry become increasingly popular. 

Firstly, some countries benefited much from the visiting travelers in every tourist destinations. It become an important source of revenue that provide livelihoods to locals and support finance the development of a country. Jobs for instance, ecotourism provides employment opportunity for inhabitants from a wide range of services to tourists. Tourism as a whole provides sustainable means of living for millions across all countries. Similarly, ecotourism helps preserve ecological balance for future generations. This concept will enable children to experience ecosystems in its stunning beauty in years to come. In essence, the aim of ecotourism is to provide stronger nature’s protection for the later generations.   

At present, several ecological tourism sites are experiencing deterioration or under serious threat. Some developers apparently appear as ecological protectors, but in reality they played part in the destruction of Earth’s natural features. In order to minimize the unfavourable effect of environmental exploitation, ecotourism stakeholders should promote sustainable development. For example, the government must carry out strict implementation of general restrictions in all environmental sensitive areas to reduce the impact of commercialization in protected wilderness. Furthermore, governments and private sectors may collaborate for a large-scale campaign to educate travelers and local handlers about the importance of ecosystems and biodiversity preservations. 

In conclusion, ecotourism brings tourists to far rural destinations and remote villages to experience the natural habitats and to bring income to people. It also offer extensive environmental awareness promotions to mitigate natural environmental exploitations.  Therefore, ecological tourism can help in the preservation of natural surroundings from over commercialization.

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