In many countries today people are choosing to have fewer children

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IELTS Essay Question:

In many countries today people are choosing to have fewer children.

Why is this the case?

What are the effects of this trend on society?


It is apparent nowadays that most families choose to have a small number of children compared in the past. This trend is prevalent in many countries especially in developed economies. In this essay, I will discuss the reasons behind this swing and includes possible outcomes in society. In the first body paragraph we will explore the causes then followed by the effects of this direction on society.

Firstly, having a large number of children pose to create economic burdens to the family as well as to the government. More children means both parents need to work to bring enough food on the table plus a huge amount of money for education. For example, as family grow, the basic requirements for the whole family is likely to expand too. Parents need to provide daily meals, decent clothes and a comfortable shelter for children. Another example is education, education is another parents’ responsibility to their children. Parents has to allocate funds to enable children to access quality education in the absence of government support. In today’s current situation, most basic commodity prices have surged and to have a large family is definitely a daunting task for parents to make ends meet.

Conversely, families with fewer children are seen to be convenient to both family and to the society. With fewer family members means parents have an option let one of them to stay at home with their children. When mother to remain at home, she will be able to provide more stimulating and safer environment for children. Whereas, when mother will be away for long hours could have an impact on the quality of children interaction process that are crucial on their cognitive skills development. As children grow, parents has to know the whereabouts of their children to keep them safe and away from trouble. These could only be possible if the mother is always at home to supervise their children. In effect, when the children become adults they are most likely will become a good contribution to the society because their parents raised them well.

In conclusion, many people in different countries today, considered that having a few children is more beneficial than to have a larger number of children. Having a large family can be a burden to family and government. It appears that raising more children demands more money and time from the parent until such time that they matured and can live independently.

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