Some people think that the news media nowadays have influenced people’s lives in negative ways

Some people think that the news media nowadays have influenced people’s lives in negative ways. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

News media is seen by many people to have a significant role in the processes of constructing reality. Media in general is absolutely having an impact in the society not only in spreading of information but also in supplying an interpretation of the content of the message. This paper will show my strong agreement of the issue that news media negatively affect individuals lives.

Every day people are bombarded with news stories from a multitude of sources. Media is held responsible of delivering news filled with content about crime, war/terrorism, inequality and drug abuse. This kind of news can generate negative feelings among those exposed to it. For example, children early exposure to violent reports that are shown in TV and other social media outlet has a deep impact on young minds. If they are bombarded with so many fighting scenes and drug addiction cases, it will leave a scar on their impressionable and susceptible minds. News Media has, in its own way, negatively affects not just to children but also to every people’s lives.

On the other hand, news media has bought a lot of advantages for the society and people grasp its benefits. An example for this is awareness, one of the function of the media is to provide information to the masses such as political news and current events. Being expose to various media outlets, people can develop awareness about the society and the world. However, sometimes the message of the news is misconstrued, it reaches to the masses in a wrong way. Most of the time the bad news is overinflated and the good news goes unnoticed, therefore news media influences them negatively.

To sump up, news media negatively influences our society to such extent that it is taken the minds and attitudes of people towards crimes and injustices. For as long as news media keep highlighting the bad than the good, crimes and injustices will always surface in newspapers.


When it comes to IELTS Test, vocabulary is one of the most important skills a test-taker must have. In writing section, having a good grasp of English vocabulary will help you frame and convey your ideas in words using an effective and varied vocabulary.   

  • Significant – having or likely to have influence or effect.
  • Impact – to have an effect.
  • Interpretation – the action of explaining the meaning of something.
  • Bombard – Past tense (Bombarded) to a continuous flow of questions, criticisms, or information.
  • Multitude – the state of being many
  • Scar – a lasting moral or emotional injury
  • Impressionable – easily influenced by other people, especially because you are young.
  • Susceptible – easily influenced or affected by something.
  • Grasp – to get a hold of something, literally or figuratively.
  • Awareness – knowledge and understanding that something is happening or exists.
  • Misconstrue – Past Tense (Misconstrued) – to form a false understanding of the meaning or intention of something that someone does or says.
  • Overinflate – Past tense (Overinflated) – to inflate excessively.
  • Surface – the outer face, outside, or exterior boundary of a thing

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