In the future it may be necessary for us to live on another planet to survive, possibly on Mars.

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IELTS Essay Topic: Exploration

In the future it may be necessary for us to live on another planets, for this reason, some people believe that we should spend money now researching for new planets, such as Mars.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Space exploration is a very expensive topic to talk about and still there are groups of people who wanted to establish settlements in space. Space-settlement advocates entice governments to allocate funds to look for habitable earth-like planet to set up a permanent base for humans. I fully agree with this stance, that spending money for this undertaking is reasonable for the survival of human life.

A new revolution of planet hunting is definitely daunting task that planetary scientists are going to deal with. They think that humans should look for habitable planets outside Earth’s solar system for so many reasons. Firstly, colonising a livable planet that can eventually preserve humans to sustain life if ever any untoward catastrophe unfolding here on Earth such as the treats of climate crisis. Secondly, humans continuously pollute the environment and increasingly misuse the worth of natural resources. These treats might lead to mass exodus to cosmos to preserve and conserve the Earth and turn this place as just a nature sanctuary that human can visit. Climate change and human treats to environment are some of the major factors to consider in pursuing human settlement in other planet.

On the contrary, other people believe that migrating to other planet is stupid and implausible idea because it would take far too long to get there. Hence, they suggest that humans should take care of planet Earth, rather than dreaming of colonising planets throughout the galaxy and beyond. However, the previous mass extinction of dinosaurs is a great example of how important the preservation of living things on Earth. When they are gone, they could no longer be replaced. No matter how far the other livable planets from Earth, the effort will provide countless benefits to mankind and to the other living things that can only be found on Earth.

In summary, finding a livable planet in our galaxy that can sustain natural human progression should be made a top priority, whatever the cost of that exploration ventures maybe. It is far more important to carve out a new fields for humans and other species to preserve lives that would not disappear and lost the history of mankind.


When it comes to IELTS Test, vocabulary is one of the most important skills a test-taker must have. In writing section, having a good grasp of English vocabulary will help you frame and convey your ideas in words using an effective and varied vocabulary. 

  • exploration
  • stance
  • revolution
  • daunting
  • catastrophe
  • pollute
  • exodus
  • cosmos
  • sanctuary
  • implausible
  • extinction

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