It is the responsibility of the government to protect its citizens from any natural calamity

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IELTS Essay Topic: Environment

It is the responsibility of the government to protect its citizens from any natural calamity.

Do you agree or disagree?


Natural disasters is an abnormal phenomena that can have a life-altering impact on individuals and natural environment. The consequences of events triggered by natural calamities can be felt at the community, municipality or even affect an entire country. This essay agrees that governments are the primary responsible in providing adequate protection and assistance to its people when disaster strikes. This essay will first discuss the reasons why citizens may look up to the government on this rare events and followed by other key players that might can help absorb the intensity of the impact. 

To begin with, natural catastrophes can have a huge impacts to the aspect of people’s lives and the natural environment. It can often caused sufferings to people by losing livelihood and access to shelter. One great example is the recent massive flooding brought by typhoon Ulysses in the Philippines. Villagers were caught by surprise when the floodwater reached roofs. The typhoon wreaked havoc and left widespread damage behind. Typically, most people who are displaced by natural disasters are railing at government support for medical access, destroyed property and loss of financial resources. Many believe that governments should secure its people and bail them out since they are contributed much to the government coffers through taxes. 

Fortunately, when a natural disaster occur, many private charities, NGO’s including religious institutions quickly responded and bring help to those affected by the disaster. These organizations were providing relief goods, arranging temporary housing facilities and organizing medical missions. These groups that seem to making the most visible efforts when such natural hazards happened. Despite the fact that, outside resources provided much of disaster responses, still governments are held responsible for the bulk of relief support and disaster recovery. Governments has the capability in managing pre – occurrence, during and post-natural disaster. It is alone can do something to reduce the impact of a natural catastrophe.

To sum up, the negative effect of natural disasters to humans are beyond the immediate loss of property, livelihood and even life. Although governments cannot be blamed for such misery, still, people tend to look to government as responsible party. Therefore, it is appropriate for the government to focus on reducing the scale of the damage through better preparedness. 

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