Nowadays some parents pressure their children to be successful

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IELTS Essay Question:

Nowadays, some parents pressure their children to be successful.

What are the reasons for this? Is this a positive or negative development?


In an increasingly uncertain world, every parent wants their children to grow up healthy and to secure a respectable job as adults. While being healthy and secure in life is becoming a necessity for a better future, parents should  know the limit in pushing too hard to their children. This paper will discuss the reasons why parents push youngsters to became an accomplished individuals, and examine whether parental pressure will led to a positive or negative results. 

Parent responsibility is tough, they do everything just to make sure their offspring progress towards a better life. Often parents turn out forcing their children to do well in areas that parents failed to attend during their younger years. For example, mother and father want their youngsters to do well in academics or athletics as a sense of redemption of their frustration when they are young. In addition, children’s fulfillment will mirrors on what happens around them and parents believe that achieving much in life is a good reflections.

From this perspective, parents sometimes miss the point. Despite the good intentions to achieve the best for their children, their good intentions sometimes backfired. For instance, when parents want their children to be on top of the class, though, this is not wrong but children might feel under pressure to perform well in school. While aiming high can be positive, it can be harmful as well. When children feel the enormous pressure to meet their parents high expectations, there are tendencies that they will suffer from mental health and sleep deprivation. And that issues can have negative consequences.

In summary, parents are always wanting their children to be a star and be successful in life. However, there are instances that the dream of parents conflicts with the capacity for their children. Just like adults, children need space to be seen and heard rather than placing constant pressure. 

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