Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online studying

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Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online studying?

Online education has shown significant popularity this year, as coronavirus outbreak pushed many schools moved classes to an online format. While some find a bright spot on the transition to an e-learning format, others still recognize some issues surrounding this alternative learning. This essay will discuss the advantages of e-learning and examine the possible drawbacks.

Nowadays, many students end-up attending online classes via digital platforms. The pandemic has forced schools and universities to hold classes via zoom or other similar digital tools as a viable alternative to traditional classrooms. No doubt, online learning comes with many benefits. Firstly, as the world faces an unprecedented health crisis, online learning offers safer environments to faculty, staff and students. Establishing a reliable and accessible remote classrooms helps students maintained social distancing in times of pandemic. Secondly, the new normal of learning from home allow students to have more flexibility. There are some classes that does not require students to attend live sessions. In this case, Learners have the freedom for a self-paced system that fits on their schedules. This provides them an opportunity to finish their studies without risking their health.

On the contrary, while online studying carries many positives, it does not come without its own set of negatives. One of the biggest challenge of e-learning is technology issues. Internet connectivity is crucial to a successful learning from home but many students from remote areas suffer poor internet connection that hampered their online learning. It leads to several students being left behind. Another challenge is that students develop a feelings of isolation. Distance education can cause social isolation because of minimal physical interactions between students and teachers which become a perennial problem with remote learning. 

In summary, although online learning looks promising and has opens up opportunity for students to continue obtaining a degree during this challenging time. The government must address the unstable and patchy internet access in remote areas to overcome the digital divide in online education.

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