Some people argue that arts such as paintings and music are a waste of money

IELTS Writing Task 2: Art

Some people argue that arts, such as paintings and music, are a waste of money and the government should spend this money on other public services.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Art has a huge part of people’s lives and culture as it played an essential role in everyone’s life. Many individuals agree that arts are crucial part of the economy but others think that arts are just a waste of funds and it is better to divert the budget to other basic services. I am at the same opinion who believe that the investment in arts has a potential to stimulate growth. 

Art is extremely a vast field, many people see only the obvious parts which are painting and music. Human’s imagination express through artworks and some people ignore the importance of it. Painting for example, looking at painting hanging in museums can help people stretch their time frames back to eras and aeons. Painting can remind humans about the radical transformation that happened in the past. Another example is music,  music creates social cohesion anywhere in the world regardless of culture. It provide a positive effects to human’s well-being and promote social bonding across cultures. Hence, the allocated budget for arts is not a waste of money, rather it helps  expose people to understand the past and to build creative environment for possible futures. 

On the flip side, however, an argument rages over whether arts be subsidised or divert any government funding to other worthy community services since art is not directly justified as public service. A clear example of this is musical show, allocating fund for theatrical show is like stealing money from innocent taxpayers and spent for entertainment of wealthy patrons. But, there is a tendency that the money spent for arts will trickle down elsewhere . For example, when patrons watch a musical events, they may spent money in restaurants, hotel rooms and other expenses that are indirectly related to the event. Therefore, art is important to people’s lives.

In summary, art is tremendously valuable to humans whether it is a painting from the Renaissance or a Broadway show. It helps uncover the life of the past and preserve it for the years ahead. I think it is part of government’s mandate to preserve our history for the next generations.

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