Some people say that staying in a hotel when you are in a foreign country, is not the best way to know the country and its people

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Some people say that staying in a hotel when you are in a foreign country, is not the best way to know the country and its people.

What is your opinion about this?


Three years after the devastating global health crisis, tourists around the world are starting to fly again. While many hotels are beginning to open their doors to holidaymakers, other travelers opt to stay at friends/relatives place while on trip abroad. In my opinion, staying in hotel can be expensive, but the comfort and convenience that it brought truly adds value to a great vacation. 

Today, travelling overseas is always full of excitement even though the logistical process nowadays is seem daunting. A large number of people want to explore and see the world once more. While spending time abroad, staying in a hotel is among the most popular option for some visitors because of several advantages. One huge advantage in a hotel is comfort, practically all hotels are equipped with spacious rooms with clean and crisp linen for a peaceful sleep. Having a comfortable sleep is a good start for a pleasurable holiday experience. Another advantage of staying in a hotel is convenience, most hotels are located in a prime locations where transportation is easily accessible for tourists who wanted to explore the rich culture of the place. 

On the flip side, staying at friend’s/relative’s house can allow travelers to save money from hotel accommodation fees. Hotel per night charges involve huge sum of money that can definitely change the mood of travelers. However, the dollars save in staying at friend or relative is  not always worth the hassle. For example, guest mostly still need to do the daily chores such as clean up the room and do cooking instead of spending most of their time seeking memorable experiences. Home stay always have a different ambiance compared to staying at hotel where guest can enjoy tranquility and exclusivity day and night.  

To sum up, most hotels offer countless advantages than staying at friend’s or relative’s property. The money spent on hotel room can create a sense of freedom for tourists while exploring new places. 

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