Some people think that young children better off at nursery school before primary school

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IELTS Essay Question:

Some people think that young children better off at nursery school before primary school. While others believe that young children better to stay at home all day with families.

Discuss both views and give your opinion


It is known to many that sending toddlers to preschool prior to primary education is beneficial to children. However, there are some people think that staying at home with their families is more advantageous for them as parents will become their first influence. This essay will discuss both views then followed by my opinion whether youngsters be in a nursery school or in the house with the family.

To start with, having youngsters at nursery school prior on their primary education is beneficial to them than letting them stay at home all day long. Based on a recent study conducted by Oxford University found that children aged between two and three years old tended to be more stimulated at nursery due to the interactions with other children and adults which help their cognitive development. The research concluded that singing children’s songs, painting and doing arts and crafts to have a positive impact on dexterity, which the researcher linked to the action associated with songs and the hand skills needed for the arts and crafts.

Contrastingly, children staying at home with their parents and other family members can avoid to suffer separation anxiety which usually felt by those children who attended at nursery school. Separation anxiety is just one of the many drawbacks for having the young children at the preschool. While at home, they are not expose to other children that might have colds or other illness. Children may also have to spent many hours away from home, which can be tiring and frustrating to parents. In my point of view, the more time spend by children at nursery school, the less positive interaction there is between mother and child. Being together throughout the day, the mother can give more learning opportunities and values.

In conclusion, nursery schools can provide a wonderful environment for valuable enrichment activities for children but staying at home can give more interaction between parents and children. In my opinion, staying with parents at home are more beneficial for children during those growth period while toddlers are on the process of learning cognitive skills and language growth.

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