It will be better for society and individuals if driverless cars are widely used

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IELTS Essay Prompt

It will be better for society and individuals if driverless cars are widely used.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement? 


Driverless vehicles will soon be able to begin a journey despite the many roadblocks that seem difficult to overcome. Many people assume that this automotive technological advancements can offer life-changing benefits when it finally hits the road. While this breakthrough bring excitement to car enthusiasts, it also bring concerns to some individuals. This essay fully agree that the society will greatly benefits if this self-driving vehicles will be available in many places.

Today, some known carmakers and big tech companies are developing fully automated self-driving vehicles. Many of these companies believe that the self-driving car has the potential to contribute ways to improve road safety and ease traffic congestion. Firstly, automated vehicles has a slim chance of getting involve to an accident caused by human error. The vehicle will be equipped with a wide range of advance technologies to allow vehicles run safely. Secondly, most car crashes has been caused by irresponsible drivers. The hands-free driving cars could answer this problem, which in turn can improve traffic flows, lessen deaths and physical injuries. 

Specifically, driverless cars are built to save thousands of lives on the street, but there are also potential downsides of putting humans destiny at the hands of computer device. Some people argue that it is unethical for a person to let the machine control their lives. For example, while traveling in a high speed, there is a possibility that the machine could encounter technical glitch, that would be very risky for the traveler. However, autonomous cars can substantially reduce road accidents and that alone can justify some ethical  issues surrounding it. 

To sum up, automated cars are built to improve safety on the road and to deliver new commuting experience. Although, the new innovation in transport system could pose new challenges, but this is a great opportunity to lessen the time spent by commuters on the road. 

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